On behalf of all the young musical talents, thank you.

Especially now it is important for musicians to have a stage where they can present their music to their audience. This goes for young musicans at the treshold of their career, but also for professional musicans, orchestras and ensembles. They have not been able to rehearse together, let alone perform together.

This is for Klassiek op het Amstelveld an important reason to keep the festival alive in 2021. For musicians, our festival has proven to be an inspiring and important stage.

We need your support now more than ever, people with a big heart for music. Become a Friend of Klassiek op het Amstelveld. You are a Friend for  € 45,- per year.


Do you live in The Netherlands?

Become Friend of Klassiek op het Amstelveld
Are you enthousiastic about Klassiek op het Amstelveld and do you want to help secure the festival in the future? Help us to give chances to young talent and share  performances with our audience.  Become Vriend of Klassiek op het Amstelveld. Your support is important.

By filling out the form you agree to a yearly fee of minimum €45 (should you be able to donate more, that is more than welcome). Because Stichting Musica Omnia Vincit has a cultural ANBI-status, you can deduct your gift form your income taxes 100%. How this works, you can read here.

Do you live outside The Netherlands?

You can make a donation via Paypal or via a transfer to our bank account: IBAN NL89RABO0179950428, Stichting Musica Omnia Vincit, Amsterdam.