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Sunday September, 13

Great that you are interested in registering for our Open Stage. Perhaps your performance will be seen and heard by thousands of people from all over the world!

In short, you will follow these four steps:
1. Make a film of you playing or singing your chosen musical piece

2. Fill in the registration form REGISTRATION FORM

3. Send your film plus registration form to before August 15, 2020

4. Send us your definitive film before September 6, 2020

You can find all this and more information in our Open Stage Rules. Make sure you read everything carefully. OPEN STAGE RULES

Good luck!

Klassiek op het Amstelveld
Klassiek op het AmstelveldThursday, July 30th, 2020 at 10:01am
Primeur voor Nederland!
Anastasia Tyurina is pas negen jaar en bespeelt virtuoos de balalaika en laat zo volksmuziek herleven. Niet voor niets wordt zij in haar vaderland nu al liefkozend de trots van Rusland genoemd. Vrijdag 11 september om 19.00 uur zal zij samen met de 13-jarige Alexandra Dovgan (piano) het festival digitaal openen vanuit Rusland.
Klassiek op het Amstelveld
Anastasia Tyurina (7) performs "Valenki" on her balalaika (Анастасия Тюрина 2018)
Concert variations on the theme of the Russian folk song "Valenki" (lit. "felt boots". ie. Valenki are very warm Russian traditional boots made of felt). Art...

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