Klassiek op het Amstelveld

12 & 13 september 2020

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Classical music for everyone
With Klassiek op het Amstelveld we show the beauty and power of classical music. We offer children and youngsters a stage to let them share their talent and love for classical music with a large audience.

Classical music inspires young and old and hence the festival is free of charge for everyone. To make this possible we are dependent of the support of donors and sponsors. Any contribution, big or small, is very welcome.

You can support us via the bank account NL89 RABO 0179 950428 under the name “Stichting Musica Omnia Vincit”.

Companies can connect their name to Klassiek op het Amstelveld. Are you interested? Contact us to talk about the possibilities.

Our special thanks to
Elena Kazakova, Fons van Westerloo, Sigrid van Aken, Henk van der Meulen, Gervaise Coebergh, Gert Jan van der Hoeven, Hollis Kurman, Sjoerd van den Berg, Hessel Dik, Margo Hoogesteyn-Mesker, Sander Smeets, Petra van Laere, Dominique Citroen, Ron Bol, Sophia Sanders, David Kops, Mario van der Zwan, Ricardo Wijngaarde, Maartje Lammerse, Lex Boogaarts, Marion & Henk Pothoff, Arthur C. Hendriks, Peike Pleijzier, Ellen Koopmans, Dick Loman, Lunchcafé Klaver 4, Na Siam Thai Restaurant, Frans Sedee, Cynthio Korlvinke

& all enthusiastic volunteers!

Deepest thanks to
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Partners and sponsors
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