Main Programme Saturday the 17th of September

What makes this edition so special?

This entire edition is dedicated to the unique collaborations between young artists and professionals. Niek Baar (the winner of the Kersjes Award 2015) will come over especially from Berlin to play Astor Piazzolla’s Quattro Stagioni with the Netherlands Youth String Orchestra.

The prize of the Royal Concertgebouw Concours is a performance during “Klassiek op het Amstelveld 2016”. This year’s happy winner is Anna Kuvshinov (9 years old)!

Another example of an exceptional combination of master and young toptalent is the collaboration between master pianist Igor Roma and Nikola Meeuwsen. For the occasion of the festival and these two artists Alfred Momotenko wrote a piece á quatre-mains.

For the first time since the Amsterdam Sinfonietta was founded, sixteen top string talents will be added to the orchestra. The idea was launched by Candida Thompson. Young top talen soprano Laetitia Gerards will also be accompanied by the Amsterdam Sinfonietta.

In the framework of international exchanges, we proudly present at this year’s edition a special collaboration between the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität Wien (Austria) and the Royal Conservatoire The Hague. In the past year students from these two conservatories travelled to and fro to meticulously prepare a performance of two nonnettes.

Yet another great collaboration: the Netherlands Wind Ensemble that will accompany the young star Nora Fischer together with the Young NWE (JongNBE).

Next on the agenda is a performance by the international star Simone Lamsma, accompanied by one hundred young musicians from Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium; the Euregio Youth Orchestra.

Traditionally, the evening will be concluded with a Grand Finale. This year the Euregio Youth Orchestra will perform the “Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves” from the opera Nabucco. All are cordially invited to join in the singing!

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