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12 & 13 september 2020

Sandro Gegechkori

Sandro Gegechkori is a student at the central music school of Z. Paliashvili for “gifted children” under the professor Alexander Garber. 
Sandro is a winner of many international and republic piano competitions.

In 2018, the Rachmaninoff international organization Ivanovka has founded an international classical music fest called “Gegechkori with Rachmaninoff”, which is going to be held every year .

There is a list of the competitions :

A.Babajanyan piano competition in Yerevan –  1st dagree and 2 special prizes
Feurich international piano competition in Vienna – Grand prix
Chopin republic competition 
Amiredjibi international piano competition – 3rd dagree and special prizes 

He also is a laureate winner of the Claudette Sorel international piano competition in America 

Sandro often cooperates with Z. Paliashvili symphony orchestra.
He usually gives piano solo recitals in Austria, Malta, Netherlands, Russia, China, USA.

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